Roth Reference Guide

The Roth IRA offers four main advantages over the Traditional IRA, 401(k) or 403(b).

They are:

  • The opportunity to increase your investment earnings tax-free.
  • A Roth IRA is effectively larger than a Traditional IRA because all the money is working for you, not the IRS.
  • There are generally no Required Minimum Distributions, so the tax benefits can be preserved longer.
  • You have the ability to withdraw contributions anytime prior to age 591⁄2 penalty free.

The eligibility to make Roth IRA contributions is subject to the following filing status and MAGI limits.

Single: 2017

  • Up to $120,000 = full amount
  • More than $120,000 but less than $135,000 = pro rata
  • $133,000 or more = not eligible

Married: 2017

  • Up to $189,000 = full amount
  • More than $189,000 but less than $199,000 = pro rata
  • $199,000 or more = not eligible

There are no MAGI limits on a Roth Conversion.

Taxation on Roth Conversions:

  • Conversions are taxable in the year of conversion.

Converting Inherited Assets:

  • Inherited Individual IRAs cannot be converted unless the beneficiary is a spouse.
  • Inherited employer plans can be converted if rolled directly from the plan to an inherited Roth IRA.

Distribution Order - Five Year Rules

  • Contributions to a Roth come out first and are always tax and penalty free

Rule 1:

  • Conversions come out second and must be held five years OR to 591⁄2 to avoid
    the 10% penalty. (NOTE: pretax first, after tax second. After tax not subject to rule.)

Rule 2:

  • Earnings
  • Must be held five years AND to age 591⁄2 to be tax free
  • Must be held to 591⁄2 to be penalty free
  • Five year clock starts with the first contribution to Roth IRA

Contact your Wealth Advisor for more details.

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